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Create a Twitter Parody Account With’s Text Completion tooling can be used to help come up with content for social media and online communities. An example of the Text Completion tool can be used for a Twitter parody account is the @DeepBitcoinCEO Twitter parody account.

Job Input is Important’s Text Completion tooling is incredibly useful, but it’s not magic. It needs to be fed quality data in the right format if you expect it to return quality results.

The Best Practices Guide goes over some examples of good and bad inputs.

For our Twitter parody account use-case, here are some examples of inputs used to generate the Tweets made by @DeepBitcoinCEO:

Quote: "If you're not paying with #Bitcoin, you're the sucker. If you're using #Bitcoin, you're the man!" - Satoshi Nakamoto

Quote: "#Bitcoin: It's like the first thing that came out of #Internet 1.0. I would be more worried about the #Internet 5.0." - John McAfee

Quote: "A big #Bitcoin hack caused my laptop to self-destruct, so I'll have to buy a new one." - Vitalik Buterin


If we set the Temperature parameter to 1.0, the API returns some humorous output results like these:

“Nobody has ever given me a #bitcoin, but I'll take one.” - Bill Gates

“All you need is ten bitcoins and you are guaranteed a lifetime of loneliness, poverty, and frustration. You can only consume two pies, and that’s only if you eat two whole pies in one day and don’t share.” - Gavin Andresen, the developer who led the development of #Bitcoin.

“A currency that can be used to buy a taco, a burrito or a kilo of cocaine.” - Mike Hearn, the former Chief Architect of the #Bitcoin project

"#Bitcoin: the internet's currency! It's like we're on the moon in a $30 tin foil hat" - Nick Szabo

We can experiment with other types of input formats to get different types of results:

Tweet: The first rule of investing is pretty simple: Buy as much as you can and hope that the price starts to go down.

Tweet: Buying #Bitcoin is like being on Tinder. Don’t go there if you’re looking for the relationship, go there to meet new friends.

Tweet: How do I write #Bitcoin articles from scratch and not get banned by the SEC and CFTC?


Running this again with the Temperature parameter sets to 1.0, we get some funny results like these:

Tweet: A year from now, we’re either at a new all-time high or we’re dead. It’s that simple.

Tweet: When people ask if I’m worried about #Crypto, I tell them I’m not. I just don’t care.

Tweet: If you are a first-time buyer, just do what everyone else is doing and buy at the top of the market, and don’t sell until you see that prices have gone down.

Tweet: The SEC is a fraud and will crush Bitcoin, so if you want to participate in #Bitcoin, hide it in the darkest, farthest corner of your basement.

Apply Your Best Judgement for Best Results

The above samples generated by are fun tweets that can be used for a Twitter parody account. It’s important to understand the limitations of automated text generation: Results won’t always be perfect, and it’s a good idea to have a human curator selecting the best outputs and filtering for quality.

Give it a Try!

There are many other use-cases for text completion outside of Twitter. Any type of creative writing can benefit from NLP text generation, and I’m sure you’ll find the tooling useful for sparking creativity in your own writing. Experimentation is a key part of the process. Hands-on experience will give you a better idea of how to craft the best inputs for the types of results you’re looking for. Check out to test out the API & web interface for your own use-cases.

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