Command Your Terminal

> --help less, accomplish more

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AI-powered CLI suggestions directly in your terminal

Lightning Fast

Double TAB to instantly summon LLM-powered suggestions.


Leverages your environment, history, and command help for smarter suggestions.

LLM Agnostic

Choose from various LLMs to balance speed, power, and cost.


Local LLM support and prompt sanitization keep your data secure.

Open Source — MIT Licensed

How It Works

Quick Start

Install with a single command:

$ wget -qO- | bash

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Use Cases

Data Engineers

Manipulate datasets efficiently

Backend Developers

Deploy updates swiftly

Linux Users

Navigate systems seamlessly

Terminal Novices

Build command-line confidence

Supported Language Models





To change the active model:

$ autocomplete model
Supported Language Models


View current settings:

$ source autocomplete config
Autocomplete Configuration Screen

Update settings:

$ autocomplete config set <key> <value>

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